Instructions for the presentations

The A4LIFE 2021 Virtual Conference will have the Plenary Presentations Session and the Section Presentations Sessions (for each Conference Section).


The presentations in the Section Sessions will follow a program, with 10 minutes allocated for each paper. For each paper, there will be:

1. A recorded video presentation of maximum 7-8 minutes;

2. Powerpoint (pptx) presentation (for oral presentations) or a A0 Poster (.pdf or .pptx file) for poster presentations.


During the Conference, each recorded video presentation will be streamed live, following each Section Program with 7-8 minutes per video and 2-3 minutes will be allocated to Questions & Answers, in which a designated author for each paper will answer questions from the other participants in the online chat below the presentation. There will be virtual coffee breaks in which participants will be able to connect and talk using video meeting rooms (like Zoom or Meet).

All participants will have to login in the A4LIFE platform to participate to the Conference 2022 Virtual Edition. Following the Conference, all presentations (video and Powerpoint) will be available offline for future reading and for allowing authors and researchers to connect to each other.


Technical Instructions for presentations:

For a successful participation to the online conference, for each accepted paper, until 22nd of May 2022, the authors team should upload the following in the Manage My Papers section from the A4LIFE platform:

1. A recorded video presentation of maximum 7-8 minutes in .mp4 format will be uploaded in the Manage My Papers Area (from A4LIFE platform). The video presentation will be a single .mp4 file and we recommend for it to consist of:

 - first part of 1 minute short intro video, presenting yourself and the paper / team (you can use your computer webcam or phone).

 - second part of 6-7 minutes recorded video, with screen recording of your pptx presentation and the presenter's voice.

For this you can use any software tools. Our technical team tested and recommends the following tools:

- to record the computer screen with voice;

- to cut parts of a video;

- to merge multiple videos into a single .mp4 video file.


2. Powerpoint (pptx) presentation (for oral presentations) or a A0 Poster (.pdf or .pptx file) for poster presentations:

- For Powerpoint presentation: use the A4LIFE 2021 template (download from here) and follow the Poster Specifications (download from here) (both available in Instructions for authors);

- For poster: follow the A4LIFE 2022 template (download from here - available in Instructions for authors);


3. A social media photo with a short presentation text that we will use to promote your paper in social media campaigns, to increase the visibility and impact of your research.



Dr. John H. Smith, professor of Rural Economy at the University of Agricultural Studies from City, Country, and a doctoral coordinator in Management. Research interests in agri-food chain analysis and in sustainable development of rural areas. Paper on Determining the optimal costs of Agricultural Machines by using the GPS technnology.